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Have you ever
been burned
on a car deal?

We all have, at least the ones of us that are honest enough to admit it. That is what led to the creation of Dealer Select and the Certified Dealer Network. To take the secrets and the headaches out of that whole process was our goal from day one. In 1996 we started out by selectively choosing our representatives. The core foundation for our program centers around honesty, integrity, and fairness, as well as being able to offer you real value in your buying process. It's no good to save you money on one side of the process only to have them take it back later using gimmick add-ons. We stop that. Do the dealerships complain? Yes.
Do some refuse to forego the gimmicks and worthless add-ons? Yes.

  But you won't find them in our certified group. Our certified representatives understand that a fair and honest deal means no gimmicks. They are trained on what they can and cannot do. No Gimmicks. No Secrets. No Sweat. If they break this golden rule then we take their Certification and put out a notice to our network partners that they are no longer Dealer Select certified. They will also be barred from participating in our program in the future no matter what dealership they ever go to. We have a zero tolerance policy and this firm stance makes our representatives the best in the industry. They form the base of our Certified Dealer Network and are the pride and strength of our program. Make sure you deal with someone that is trusted and has proven themselves.
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